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Sleep + Stress Through The Pandemic

by Mood Botanics |

Sleep + Stress Through The Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic brought a lot of uncertainty to the world. After all, between countries on lockdown, the economy stopping, and not being able to be with our loved ones, we are living challenging times. 

However, the time to adapt is now. But if for some is easy, for others it may take a bit longer. Considering the changes that affected your life, it is natural that the pandemic has brought some extra stress and sleeping problems.

No matter if you lost your job or still working from home, we don't know when it will be a vaccine available and that we can return to our lives before the COVID. 

One of the things that is affecting more people is the lack of sleep. Even if you were able to sleep a full night without problems, you may now be experiencing some problems. And for those who already had any sort of insomnia, the extra stress is "killing" you. 

The Best Sleep Supplements

As you probably already know, sleeping is crucial to your overall health. Sleep is key to physical health as well as to emotional and mental health. So, when you're not able to sleep on your own, you should consider taking a closer look at the best sleep supplements. 


#1: Melatonin:

The good news about this melatonin is that it's a hormone that your body produces naturally. Its main goal is to signal the brain that it's time to sleep. Nevertheless, your melatonin cycle may have been disrupted just like when you suffer from jet lag. 

#2: Valerian Root:

Valerian is an herb that grows in Europe and Asia and it is usually used as a natural treatment for symptoms of menopause, depression, and even anxiety. Therefore, in face of the changes that we are living today with the pandemic, a valerian root supplement can be a great option if you are having problems falling asleep. See our sleep supplement. 

#3: Magnesium:

Magnesium is a mineral that is present in different foods and that is very used by your body for many different processes. This mineral is especially important for heart health as well as brain function. But more than these, magnesium is one of the best sleep supplements since it can help quiet both your mind and body. 

The effect of magnesium seems to be related to its ability to regulate the production of melatonin as well as it is known for inducing sleep and relaxing muscles. 

#4: Passionflower:

When you're looking for the best sleep supplements, then you need to keep passionflower in mind. This popular herbal remedy for insomnia comes from Africa, Asia, Europe, and Australia and features sleep-promoting effects. While several different studies have been conducted, results have been a bit mixed.

#5: Glycine:

Glycine is a powerful amino acid that has an important role in the nervous system. While no one knows for sure how or why glycine improves your sleep quality, the reality is that it works. Besides you can take glycine as a sleep supplement, you can also increase the ingestion of certain foods that have high levels of this nutrient. These include cabbage, spinach, beans, bananas, kiwis, kale, and animal products such as fish, poultry, eggs, meat, and bone broth.