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Consciously Crafted Beauty 

We believe beauty should be FUN and the ingredients should be taken seriously. 

Each and every one of our products are intentionally designed to deliver creative visuals that set your mind free and take your senses on an adventure. 

If you’re anything like us, you like to color your world with interesting things, characters and experiences. That’s why we set out to create a multi-sensory skincare line that gives you maximum mood/high vibes using color, aroma and tactile elements while delivering on glowing skin. 

Skincare, Self Care + Mental Care 


We like to keep things real with the feels around here. 

As someone who has struggled with depression and crippling anxiety for years, people would always call me "sensitive" or "too emotional" ....

Many of these triggers came from certain smells, annoying sounds and even headache inducing lighting. It sucked my energy, made me feel low and even anxious and reactive. I realized my nervous system was on sensory overload ALL the time. 

So I began to eliminate them, optimizing what I wanted to allow in my sensory experience. It's like feng shui for the senses. Perfect balances of visually appealing colors, aromatherapy that boosts the mood to complimentary lighting that makes you FEEL GOOD.

These small micro moments mean A LOT when they add up. These tiny intentional changes brought more joy into my mental environment while leaving behind the unnecessary noise. 

Every one of our products includes a sensory element, carefully integrated to bring calm, ease and beauty in small moments.

We're here to de stigmatize mental health. We all deal with it, let's start talking more about it.  XO - Gina M. 

Multi-Sensory Skincare with a Purpose



We believe that honesty and integrity matter from product ingredients to our community. We promise to always deliver the best ingredients without hidden agendas.


We empower individuals to prioritize self care and mental care and to begin to de stigmatize the message about mental health without shame


We take our environment and planet seriously. We strive to consciously source materials and ingredients that leave a lower carbon footprint.