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In the Press

Not many people consider the cause and effect relationship between skincare and overall sensory wellness. Mass factory production of fragrance-free topical creams that are LITERALLY the same thing, just with a different label on them, have turned our skincare into a “routine” and a tedious everyday process.

However, two Arizona businesswomen wanted to add a bit of color to the monotonous and somewhat dull skincare world. What started as an idea at the end of 2019 by founders Ginalyn McNamara and Lindsay Cruz has turned into the unique USA made blend of products, that is, Mood Botanics.

After years of developing other brands’ marketing strategies, product formulas, campaign photoshoots, and nearly everything else under the sun regarding the launch of a new business, McNamara and Cruz wanted a product of their own and one that offered an extra layer of benefit to its users.

Skincare is all the rage right now—and for good reason. Between informative Tik Tok videos and dermatologist-created Instagram reels, knowledge on skin-related tips, tricks and top products has literally never been more accessible. With so many products on the market though, it can be difficult to know which items are actually worth the monetary investment. But thanks to two Valley-based business women and their own beauty line known as Mood Botanics, the skincare industry might soon see a much needed makeover.

With the repetition of products becoming more redundant—often losing their quality and effectiveness in the process—Ginalyn McNamara and Lindsay Cruz decided they wanted to input their own spin on what skincare should look and feel like. With extensive experience in marketing and brand strategy development, the women felt it was time to invest the same energy and expertise into a project of their own—more specifically, Mood Botanics.